When it comes to our homes, it’s all about the details. That has to be the focus of every piece we design. Our home should bring a sense of inner peace and be a sanctuary to walk into at the end of a long, hard day.

At Black Clay, we are committed to creating a home brand that brings back to life artisan’s roots in a beautiful and sophisticated way. Your home will look enhanced with our designed handmade pieces. You will be able to tell a story for your enjoyment, your family, and friends. We work with artisans by allowing them a fair-trade relationship; we want them to continue pursuing their roots to preserve their unique origins, creating a sustainable social change.

Our Goal

Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy as a way of expressing our immense passion for handmade art and products. We want to bring you a unique piece made with love and dedication in a world where mass production is the rule. Our purpose is to inspire your home and support our artisans in preserving their families and communities. Thank you for being a part of our story and letting us share the beautiful art of handmade goods in a Black Clay style.

Handmade pieces inspired by artisan roots from South America


We collaborate with local artisans from South America by blending a modern style with their timeless techniques. Through bringing their craft to international markets, we hope to help preserve and sustain these techniques for generations to come. Now you are making a difference too!


Each piece is made with love and dedication. Each product tells a story and is handcrafted, hand numbered, and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the culture that inspired it. You will find color differences from item to item and that is the beauty of buying pure art made by hand.


Through our commitment to providing a fair source of income, happy working environments, and sustaining grants, our artisan partners can take their crafts and businesses to new homes. We are looking forward to making a difference in rural areas where the artisans live. We hope to increase their craft's demand and value by connecting these communities. Enjoy!